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We value our suppliers, but more than that, we value quality suppliers. After all, they form a very vital part of the print and design services that we offer clients, from the paper that we print on to the continued maintenance of our state-of-the-art printing machines and equipment, and the couriers that deliver the end product to the client. The pinnacle of our service offering and the cornerstone of our reputation has always been creating value to the end customer, which can only be achieved through a sustainable value chain that works.

We aim to develop long-term relationships with suppliers whose visions are in alignment with our own. It is also important that there exists a convergence in our business ethos and philosophy of print excellence. To this end, we factor in a number of quality and service criteria in the selection and management of our suppliers.

In addition, we also work to maintain a supplier base that reflects the diversity of our country. Wherever possible, we aspire to work with local small businesses and empowered companies that are able to bring a broader range of ideas and innovations to our company, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship that contributes to society and our economy.

We are happy to be associated with the following companies…

antalis - print and design serviceseco - print and design servicesheidelberg - print and design servicesnorpaper - print and design servicespaperlink - print and design servicespeters-papers-print and design services

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Shereno Printers was founded on the principle of “Print Excellence” to deliver the widest range of graphic design and print services in Gauteng. More...


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